The Tibetan Mastiff

The history of the Tibetan Mastiff - the large guardian dog of Tibet - is hidden in the mists of legend, along with the people of the high Himalayan Mountains and the plains of Central Asia. Accurate records of the genetic heritage of the dogs are non-existent.

In 1847, Lord Hardinge, Viceroy of India, sent a "large dog from Tibet" called "Siring" to Queen Victoria. England had its first dog show in 1859; and in 1873, The Kennel Club was formed with the first Stud Book containing pedigrees of 4,027 dogs. In the official classification made by The Kennel Club (England), the "large dog from Tibet" was officially designated the "Tibetan Mastiff" for the first time.

Our Tibetan Mastiffs

Torah (Red Lion Tibetan Mastiff)

Torah is our female, at 1 year old and weighting about 100 lbs

Torah likes the snow

Loveable dogs that will make you family safe.