The Newfoundland

The Newfoundland Dog is well renowned for its working ability, the original "ships dog" it has been used for taking ropes ashore in North Atlantic seas, retrieving lost fishing gear and rescuing humans. It has also been used as a pack animal, sled dog, and carting dog. Its immense strength and thick double layered coat make it ideally suited for the work it does, yet its gentle nature and mild guarding instinct have endeared it to people throughout history.  Wonderful family pet for those with large or small yards.  Loves to please their families.  We have new breeding pairs that we will be adding to our site soon!

Our Newfoundland Adults

Ezekiel (Zek)

Zek is our big boy weighs 165-185 depending on season.


Excellent female easy loving temperament.  She weighs in the 120-135 range.


Cinder is a beautiful auburn brown female that is in the 125-140 lb weight range.

About Us




About Us


Big boy lots of energy weighs in the 150-170 range but looks lean and solid.


Another auburn brown female that has large puppies.